I have 8 years professional experience in front-end development and now provide freelance development and consultancy — helping teams collaborate and work better together, streamline workflow, and deliver quality websites and applications.

I’ve spent my career so far at software companies and in some of the top digital agencies in the UK. I have worked on huge scale, multi-lingual, content-managed platforms for companies around the world.

I currently live in the the UK and can travel or work remotely where required. I’m looking for front-end development and consultancy work for digital agencies or companies building their own products.

My expertise is in:

  • HTML: templating languages, style guides, pattern libraries, prototyping
  • CSS: Sass, Less, PostCSS
  • JavaScript: ES6+, React, Redux, Flux, React Native, Angular
  • Accessibility: testing, audits, education and improvement
  • Team management: code standards and best practises, training, consultation, hiring
  • Workflow: Git, automation, testing, continuous integration and delivery

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Services and availability

With over 8 years of experience in coding, I have now refined my skill set and concentrate on improving standards, quality, and communication within teams.

While I still get hands-on to code and develop websites and applications my focus is now consulting on technical management and helping teams collaborate and work better together to streamline workflow and improve deliverables.


Technical direction, front-end development, CMS solutions, consultation.


JS, ES6+, React, Redux, Angular, HTML, CSS.


Git, automation, testing, continuous integration and delivery.


January 2019 — Remote or Manchester, UK.

Case studies

A selection of some of my recent experience. These case studies delve into the technical detail of the projects and products that I’ve worked on, the companies and people that I’ve helped and what I learned from the experience.

Rainmaker Solutions

Rainmaker Solutions

My first fully remote role was consulting with Rainmaker, their project teams and London-based clients on refactoring and restructuring projects that they're bringing in from 3rd-party partners in order to scale and maintain them.

This involved taking on the front-end lead role on behalf of the business and consulting with their clients and partners on the quality and maintainability of their HTML, CSS and JavaScript codebases.

I'm refactoring and improving their workflow and code, implementing modern best practices, setting technical guidelines and creating reusable frameworks for the company to use as they grow their in-house team.

  • Date March 2018 - June 2018
  • Technologies Sass, JavaScript, React
  • Location Remote + London

Ampersand Commerce

Ampersand Commerce

I initially worked on their base CSS framework and implemented a front–end style guide system that they can apply to new e–commerce website builds. This framework is installed to new Magento 2 projects to give developers a base set of styles and components that can be themed to rapidly prototype and build a website for new clients. It also brings down the initial setup time for new projects and vastly reduces the time and cost of the ongoing build.

I had autonomy to manage the workload for the 2 projects myself, and worked with an integrated in–house team of front–end and back–end developers, designers, QA testers and management.

  • Date October 2017 - February 2018
  • Technologies Sass, JavaScript, React
  • Location Manchester

Hidden Creative

Hidden Creative

I was brought into Hidden to work with their design and 3D teams to bring one of their immersive virtual reality experiences to the web.

This involved a strong emphasis on performance as the application included a lot of images, image sequences, video, 3D and animation.

The project was completed and launched on time for one of their biggest US clients. After this I documented the process and wrote maintenance instructions for the clients’ in–house team to take over.

  • Date June 2017 - October 2017
  • Technologies Sass, JavaScript, React, Angular 4+, Cordova
  • Location Manchester

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